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About us

It's so nice to meet you, and welcome to Something to Talk About Boutique! We are so glad you’re here, and since you are, stay a while and find something that makes you feel beautiful! 

STTA started out as my moms “side hustle”, from her full time job of 20+ years. We opened in Slocomb AL in 2012 and my dad worked the store every single day for the first couple of years. (Yes lol, my dad ran the boutique and all the women thought it was the funniest /sweetest thing that he would do that for my mom while she worked.) Eventually, when I started driving I would try and talk my dad into letting me skip school to work the storefront  (Which never worked lol) but I love helping women feel beautiful and confident; so every chance I had to work I did!  

After graduating high school, I became more dedicated to the boutique; doing all the advertising, running the storefront, fulfilling orders, and hand picking all the inventory, to growing our brand on social media. I figured, this whole boutique thing just might be for me too! 

Recently, my mom has retired from her full time job to focus solely on Something to Talk About, and now we work along side each other every day and it’s honestly the best gift/job ever!   

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If you have any further questions please refer to our “contact us” page! We would love to hear from you! 

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